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Screen Of the Day on 12/01/2012
  • fukumin


  • pinas

    @fukumin ありがとうございます!

  • garyarts

    so many information!:-)

  • TheRubenator

    I would like to know how to write in Japanese, so i copy and paste what Pinas just wrote to you: ありがとうございます!, it looks likes he is giving you credit, I hope so 8)

  • pinas

    @TheRubenator In Japanese, “おつであります” means “good job”, and “ありがとうございます” means “Thanks so much”.

  • Silitek43

    more info dashboard never seen before…:)

  • qdigga

    I am a lover of all things informative. My old screens you used to be PACKED with info. I really like this. Great job.

  • TheRubenator

    @pinas thanks for the info, just wanted to make sure I was not saying anything bad ;)

  • demon82

    Oh man I want this so bad for my note 2

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 12/01/12

  • pinas

    @Peachanan Wow! really? I’m glaaaaad!

  • neonoafs

    LOVED SO MUCH, can you plz post a tutorial of what you made or the .psd? Thanks ^^

  • pinas

    I uploaded new include tutorial.txt. -> above link
    but, I don’t have PSD because I use not Photoshop but Inkscape. so SVG is uploaded.

  • soulysephiroth


    Hello , this is a great theme, but things should probably be explained:
    What you used/did for the Calender, How you made the row of apps show up like that on a 4×4 grid setup on apex. The Tutorial helped me with some of the ideas, but it was still rather vague! Great work though!

    Edit: figured out how you made all the apps work with the corrsponding text, but I don’t think I can manage to make this work for an s3 D:

  • lapo

    bellissimo davvero complimenti !!

  • sregnov

    tikas!!! ;)

  • VoruZz


    link to download is dead, btw great homescreen ;)

  • El_Fokel

    I want this so bad, could you please post a tutorial to make this, the link is down.

  • muhiechan

    can u share wallpaper?

  • UgambeMibambe

    Any Chance to re-up the files? The link is dead… :) thx

Date Added: Friday, November 30th, 2012 at 9:23 pm