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  • anli_82

    looks good

  • thomp89

    awesome :D

  • camillechuu
  • ukiceman

    I like that, it looks good :)

  • A_Random_screenShot

    Lookin good, when it comes to photoshop, check out online tutorials. Took me about a year but now ive pretty much mastered PS, learning Illustrator now. You don’t have far to go though kiddo, welcome to the club. :)

  • bill11222


  • mathewrice

    Very clean and functional!
    I’d love to put this on my own GS3… PSD maybe…? Pink doesn’t suit me :-P

    Some constructive criticism:
    You might wanna take down the earlier post.
    Also, you could provide better details (e.g. your icons link doesn’t help us find or obtain the icons you used, and, listing the things you used that you also linked in the screenshot is an unnecessary redundancy).

    Still a fan of this shot though :-)
    Would love to see more works in the future.

  • camillechuu

    thanks for the advice!

  • nishanty13

    Great!! I love this look. Clean and organized.

    EDIT:- I think we met before….If you are not the Camille I met just ignore this.

Date Added: Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 2:50 pm

this is the completed look from my upload literally like 15 minutes ago … lolanyways
♥ btw sorry for the poor quality looks A LOT better on my phone -__- Im still a noob at photoshop and such TT if anyone has tips thatd be super sweet ♥

Got my inspiration from Linear Motion by xNiikk
and Flower by yihaomizhijia. Beautiful designs

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