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Screen Of the Day on 12/07/2012
  • thomp89

    awesome setup :D

  • iceman600

    cant wait for the tutorial

  • Danut

    Tutorial and details added here:


  • Mickaelkiki

    Super imagination!!!.

  • Danut

    @Mickaelkiki Thx, check it more:

  • panyongs73

    Thanks for sharing…nice work

  • Mr_2fngrz

    This is a great theme Danut. Would you mind sharing the PSD for this?

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 12/07/12

  • Danut

    @panyongs73 THX
    @Mr_2fngrz PSD Available here: DroidScreens
    @Peachanan Thanks so much ;)

  • Mr_2fngrz

    Thanks a lot Danut. I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to add a lot more to this.

  • aquariuzism

    @Danut Simply beautiful.. :)

  • MarcoJHB

    @Danut Video Tutorial is up:
    Please let me know what you think…

  • Gordon_Freeman

    my favorite screen of this website, nice work!!

  • iTalkapple

    My favorite of all time

  • bobjohnson201

    probably the most creative theme i’ve seen on here!

  • Danut

    @Gordon_Freeman @iTalkapple @bobjohnson201 thanks i very appreciate this

  • TraktoR6666

    Hey, we both made newspaper theme, yours is neat and stylish! :)


  1. 1. Tutorial available here: DroidScreens
Date Added: Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 3:47 am

Click ZOOM ;)
Details: DroidScreens