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ColourXE Android Homescreen by iKrupal - MyColorscreen
Custom Wallpaper


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  • chipzakje


  • Viciousnimh

    Final something for sensation 4g resolutions. Could You share the files? Thank you.

  • iKrupal

    @Viciousnimh which file are you talking about? i didn’t use any file apart from the wallpaper, if will upload the UCCW file if you want.

  • iKrupal
  • Xethos

    Yes, I’d very much appreciate it if you uploaded the UCCW files. They’re very clean and informative. I’d also like to ask if your Google Search bar was themed from Nova launcher.

  • iKrupal

    @Xethos yes it is, used Andriod 4.1 Jellybean theme from nova settings

  • iKrupal
  • Xethos

    @iKrupal You did an amazing job on this! and thank you

  • Viciousnimh

    Thats for the UCCW. I needed that. Sorry for not being clear to you. Great job.

  • sunview

    cool :)

  • etepoj

    link for the wallpaper please. :) nice work

  • iKrupal
Date Added: Friday, December 7th, 2012 at 4:19 am