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  • amalcns

    Love it,can u share everything??;)

  • Estuardo

    Love it too, please share :-)

  • iKrupal

    @amalcns @Estuardo Thanks Guys will be uploading the wallpaper and PSD file soon

  • iKrupal

    @Estuardo @amalcns PSD file and Wallpaper is now available to download.

  • chipzakje

    Thank you for sharing!! LOVED!

  • iKrupal

    @chipzakje No problem

  • footsteps88

    uzips pleasex

  • iKrupal

    @footsteps88 Sorry i don’t understand what you are tryna say there?

  • 41rw4lk

    Nice and clean, and great color scheme. Well done.

  • iKrupal

    @41rw4lk Thanks

  • gregoza


  • iKrupal

    @gregoza Thanks

Date Added: Friday, December 14th, 2012 at 7:19 am

Was in love with the Blue color so just did round circles and yeah came up with this.