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  • Soloveyptaha


  • erguillermin

    Your back and in a big way

  • mdjurov

    Стильно и чисто-its your style!Плюсую друг.

  • panyongs73

    Love it! Very nice :)

  • fashionon

    Спасибо дружище!!!

  • fashionon

    thank you very much!!!

  • fashionon

    Спасибо за всегдашнюю поддержку!!!

  • fashionon

    Thank you for your feedback on my work!

  • Hayanno

    Can you share the wpp and settings for your lockscreen plz ?

  • androto

    lovely minimal

  • fashionon

    Thanks Bro!!!

  • fashionon

    “Minimal line” theme for widgetlocker:
    Clock is “minimalistic text”.

Date Added: Saturday, December 15th, 2012 at 12:48 am

My new work.