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Screen Of the Day on 12/16/2012
  • tarachand

    waiting for uccw…..:)

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 12/16/12

  • shesheero

    Great work

  • Joe_Kido

    it’s awesome, can you share the Wallpaper and the UCCW

  • Marius

    Really Amazing, waiting for the Wallpaper and the other screens too :)

  • preclajsz

    Which rom are you using and what is this theme for galaxy nexus? Thanks

  • Zoniac

    awesome layout dude

  • ritalin

    Info has been updated with all of the assets you will need or want. Enjoy


    Yes this is a Galaxy Nexus, so the theme should work for any device with a similar resolution. Ive added the PSD file above, so if you need to make it larger or smaller feel free. Here is the link to the ROM Im running. Its just the stock theme, but Ive made the navbar and status bar transparent so the wallpaper shows through on the desktop.
    The navbar is set to 30ppi btw.

  • pitoko


  • Joe_Kido

    @ritalin thanks, btw are you using Nova/Apex and Multi Picture LWP ?

  • ritalin

    Im using Apex right now, but I think I might rebuild it in ADW, because I think the cross-fade transition would work well with it.

    No need to MultipictureLWP in this theme. Though I have something similar in mind that would require it.

  • cubsfan61

    Kind of new to customizing here… Is it possible to set the some of the icons on the wheel widget to launch folders (such as the games, media icons). Looks like with UCCW you can only choose an app or a UCCW action (which doesn’t include opening a folder).

  • ritalin

    Thats a limitation of UCCW at present. There is no way to set a folder right now.

    One thing you could try if you are using APEX, Nova, or ADW is to set the bottom dock to have multiple dock pages. This way you can keep the icons that I have listed, but slide to the side on the dock and have another set full of folders. The icons are Lucid Rounds, which are available in the market but not for free, which is why I did not provide the entire set. All I did to modify the icons was remove the transparency.
    I did this by adding a white layer in the same shape as the icons behind the Lucid Rounds icons.
    If you know how to do batch operations in Photoshop you can record the actions of doing this to one of the icons and then apply it to the whole set. Takes about 1minute to run through all of them. If you are not sure about how to do batch operations in Photoshop, here is a nice tutorial. LEARN IT, it will save you a massive amount of time for themeing.
    The layout will be a bit different if you have a newer PS but the buttons and naming conventions are still the same.

  • chillz88

    Hey ritalin.. Would you mind telling me what those media buttons(playpause next and previous) in home page are.? Power widgets dont have media buttons as in the market..? Or do they? Your theme looks awesome btw.. And why do you think adw would do better? Better cross fade animation?

  • ritalin

    Woops, thanks for catching that. I have updated the info above.
    The media play buttons are part of Power Toggles.

    As for ADW, yes it would just be for the crossfade transition. Im just a really big fan of it. It might not benefit this theme, but crossfading transitions, plus crossfading wallpaper in Multipicture Live Wallpaper looks pretty cool.

  • Joe_Kido

    @ritalin thanks, btw do you know alternate app for eye in sky weather. because it doesn’t compatible for me

  • diggedy

    To be honest – this is nice. Well done!

  • ritalin

    You could build the layout yourself in UCCW, but the other weather widget I use does not have the same weather icons, as those at the top.

  • ritalin

    @diggedy Thank you.

  • chillz88

    Thanks ritalin.. I figured it out.. :) running a mimic of your amazing theme on my s3 now.. Kiddos to yoi mate.. Keep it goin..

  • ritalin

    Thanks Chillz, Ill do my best.

  • 1ceb0x

    Really cool ritalin!

  • ealva

    Nice job man. Tanks for share

  • vcs316

    Nice screen ritalin. What is the Homescreen grid layout you are using in Apex Launcher? 9X9 ??

Date Added: Sunday, December 16th, 2012 at 8:52 am

Simple layout consisting of UCCW, Minimalist Text, Eye in the Sky and Power Toggles.

Ive uploaded all of the assets into the following DB Folder. It includes all of the UCCW files, the Helvetica CE 35 Thin font that is used, as well as the minimalist text files, the 3 slightly modified Lucid Rounds icons and a PSD for the wallpaper.

If you want to edit the wallpaper while keeping the frosted Glass effect, you will need Photoshop.
Simple open the PSD, and double click the thumbnail next to the layer named “Background Smart Layer Double Click 2 Edit”.
This will open up a new file with the wallpaper in it. Apply whatever image you like and click file>save. When you go back to the original PSD you will find your new wallpaper with the frosted glass effect still intact and now reacting to your image.

Because MyColorScreen keeps erroring when I try to upload the other pics of this layouot Ill put the dropbox links here.
Weather –
Home –
Month –

Hope you guys enjoy the theme and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.


Inspiration for cards – Marissa Epstein –

Inspiration for dial – Andrey Maxim,