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  • mey

    very ,very beautiful <3

  • xNiikk

    @mey Thank you :)

  • MarcoJHB

    Wow, so doing a video tutorial on this one next!

  • yihaomizhijia

    Innovative layout:)

    Icon on the right or more easy to use?

  • xNiikk

    @MarcoJHB I think it’ll be easier too, for once I’ve shared the UCCW and stuff. Thank you :P

  • xNiikk

    @yihaomizhijia If you have big hands, no problem. But I usually use my phone two handed, so no problem either :)

  • Soloveyptaha

    Great job!

  • xNiikk
  • MarcoJHB

    Video Tutorial now up, view it here:

  • jocantonio

    hi im noob here, how do you guys modify a psd? by the way xNiikk your work is great man…

  • xNiikk


Date Added: Monday, December 17th, 2012 at 10:41 pm

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