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  • lieutenantsword

    Almost forgot!
    The fonts, which are Swiss TT0105m and Swiss tt0106m0 can be downloaded from this link:

  • t1j9

    Awesome :)

  • lieutenantsword


    Thanks a lot!

  • bryanc1

    The Youtube video has been removed. Is there anyway you can repost it? This looks awesome.

  • DrPRD

    hey how can i get this one

  • DrPRD

    Can you repost or send the zip looks real good would really appreciate

  • lieutenantsword


    Downloads and files are in the tutorial.


  • DrPRD

    were to find the tutorial please share new here

  • lieutenantsword


    Right under the YouTube video above. Download from:

  • lieutenantsword

    You’ll need to download the “Video Live Wallpaper” from the Play Store and run the video in that app.

  • bryanc1

    Can you upload the uccw file since the YouTube video no longer woirks? Thanks!

  • potus

    Sick design man, I was just wondering, since the video is down can you reupload it again? The dropbox link to the video is only 3 seconds long… Thanks a bunch!

  • milkGONEbad

    Great work! Can you please upload the uccw skins? Thank you!

  • torrespi

    The video is missing, please email me at

  • lieutenantsword

    @torrespi try refreshing. The video is working fine for me.

  • CSN

    The video loads fine. How did you figure out how to make those UCCW’s on the screen? Do you know of a tutorial? Also, could you post pics of the other screens from this phone? I am sure everyone would be interested to see how the corresponding pages are designed as well.
    -Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • lieutenantsword

    The UCCW’s are included in the downloads in the description. They’re pretty much trial and error and a lot of extra positioning time. Also, this is a one-screen setup — no extra pages, as is the red live wallpaper. Thanks for the comment.

  • meckey

    The link for the UCCW files is not there, any chance we can get it again? Awesome homescreen looking forward to using it

  • lieutenantsword


    I’ll need to recreate them. I haven’t had them in about a month. I’ll let you know when I do — hopefully this weekend

  • meckey

    Thank you really looking forward to it :)

  • anfernee0103

    It’s awesome! Thanks for your sharing………

  • romanreed

    I left you a comment of youtube. Getting this amazing screen is like getting the holy grail lol PLEASE HELP any step by step tutorials!! Ill even pay u! Thank.

  • Kgsonnyf

    Can you repost where i can download the live wallpaper i cant find it anywhere. Please I am dying for this wallpaper its beautiful and gorgeous! Or semd me the file in email

  • lieutenantsword

    @Kgsonnyf @romanreed @anfernee0103 @meckey

    Sorry for taking so long to reply. Here’s the link for the file you’ll put into the Video Live Wallpaper app (in the Play Store — FREE).

  • BlackBeard

    Where do i get the font package again? for some reason the drop box link dont work.

  • lieutenantsword


    The link for the font is in the description, updated.

  • henzking2

    nice work bro!!!! more power to you !

  • lieutenantsword





  1. 1. Apex Launcher: 7x7 No margins, Single screen (non-scrolling), no dock
  2. 2. Download the Jarvis Live video wallpaper from the following link:
  3. 3. Follow the directions in the video and enjoy.
Date Added: Monday, December 17th, 2012 at 10:52 am

This is the one and only, ORIGINAL JARVIS Live Wallpaper. YES, THIS SUCKER MOVES!!!
I was unable to overcome the sizing issue with the original, so I figured out a work-around that happened to work out well.
I hope you like this, and if so, PLEASE show some love.

Update: Download the font from HERE

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