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  • semati

    Nice setup..I like it! + <3

  • daily_driver

    Thanks!!! :D

  • NoHooks

    I love your theme. Can I copy it for my phone.

  • daily_driver

    Fawk yeah!!! Spread the word, link them to here, and give me credit! ;)


  1. 1. Set ADW Launcher to 5x7 with no margins. Hide status bar and dock.
  2. 2. Make UCCW Widget for top bar to your liking and re-size to fit. Same for the "unread" number counter.
  3. 3. Make Eye in the Sky Widget and re-size to fit.
  4. 4. Download hidden icon pic from internet.
  5. 5. Place apps in bottom location. Edit and select a hidden icon pic.
  6. 6. Done. Enjoy.
Date Added: Monday, December 17th, 2012 at 1:43 am

A dedication to Audrey Hepburn.
My first homescreen, let me know any thoughts/ideas.
I can take critiques very well, good and bad critique too. ;)
So let me know what’s on your mind.
I want to thank @semati for giving me permission in using the top bar design. Thanks a lot @semati !!!
Apps used:
ADW Launcher set 5×7
UCCW for top bar and unread quantity numbers
Eye in the Sky Weather Widget
Widget Locker for lock screen
Icons on the bottom are part of picture.
Used “Hidden Icon” pic to hide the “real” icons.
Font is called Chelsea Studio. Google it. It’s based off of American Horror Story font. ;)

PS. Anyone notice her picking up the Dolphin Browser Icon? ;)