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  • amalcns

    share everything plz…really nice screen btw;)

  • peszek

    @amalcns thanks ! download link in description :)

  • Xpl0ziV9

    The only uzip that I got to work was the application one. The other two only show up as white boxes.. Any idea why?

  • lkm32

    What grid size are you using?

  • peszek

    @Xpl0ziV9 i don’t know why.

  • peszek

    @lkm32 9×7 no dock no statusbar 0 margin

  • SoCoolCurt

    this is really smooth and i really like that white border. it’s so simple but it adds a nice touch.

  • peszek

    @SoCoolCurt thanks!

  • dfuel

    Are you using a UCCW skin for the whole screen? When I try that, it really downgrades the resolution for me.

  • peszek

    @dfuel there are 3 skins. Clock – 5×2 Weather – 7×5 Application- 7×2

  • qhardyq

    fanje ;)

  • peszek

    @qhardyq dzieki ‘)

  • s3ptember

    hey i am a newbie.. i really liked the skin.. but i dont know how to make it work on my phone.. i got apex launcher and ultimate custom .. can anyone give me any step by step instruction pelase? thanks in advance

  • dfuel

    I just dont understand how you got a 7×5 skin. The biggest skin I have (that covers left to right) is a 5×2. When i stretch anything, it decreases the resolution and things start looking less sharp.

  • thomp89


  • peszek

    @s3ptember thanks! watch video. I hope that will be useful ;)

  • peszek

    @dfuel this homescreen is for 480×800 resolution phones. Watch video mayby that will be useful.

  • peszek

    @thomp89 thanks

  • lightsout

    Can Peszek tell me what that lined shadow effect is called. Always wanted to learn to to make those.

  • nemf2bone

    very nice and clock uccw skins didnt work :/



  1. 1. Watch video
Date Added: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 12:44 am

Hope you like it.