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  • Mr_2fngrz

    growing really fond of your style! nice setup

  • sasa408

    Thank you so much!!

  • amalcns

    woah!!…i knew that it was u wen i saw this..:P..can u share everything..really nice screen btw

  • johnnyfr03


  • johnnyfr03

    sasa how do i get ahold of the icons?

  • sasa408

    Download link to all files in the description. Enjoy :^)

  • sasa408

    You can get the icons from here:

    I resized them smaller for my own preference. Included in my download link are the icons I resized.

  • drunknmunky812

    Great set up again sasa408

  • sasa408

    Thanks bro!

  • karsakoff

    Very Good!

  • sasa408

    Thank you :^)

  • oemstyla

    awesome again ;)

  • sasa408

    Thanks bro!

  • ahkia

    I am your big Fan~

  • sasa408

    I’m honored, Thanks!

  • xxquocxanhxx

    another great creation :D btw what’s the DPI you’re running at? im at 268 lol and doesn’t fit as well

  • sasa408

    My phone is stock.

  • tlausl

    Very very nice, but I cant open the zipfile.

  • sasa408

    Try unziping from a pc.

  • StressSyndrom

    I dont get, i can not do 3 Days of Eyes in the Sky, it shows allways 5 …
    i want Mo Tue Wed … can u help me out ?

  • sasa408

    I don’t understand what you are asking.

  • xxquocxanhxx

    inspired me to make this:

    thanks again :D

Date Added: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 5:19 am

Galaxy Note
Zoom In!!

Single screen setup
Apex 9×7, no dock, no margins, portrait only.

Rain files (wallpaper, uzip & icons):

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