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  • garyarts

    be careful, your screen has slipped out of your device….:-)

  • chipzakje

    Can you please share your source

  • sideswipe

    credit people that inspired you :)

  • zev_isert

    Sorry @sideswipe ! I uploaded from my phone, and I haven’t gotten the copy and paste of my new keyboard to work properly in chrome yet! But yes, your work was a huge inspiration for this screen!

  • zev_isert

    @garyarts I figured someone would crack that one! I’m just trying to show how the scrolling works on the screens, I used SS for the vertical scrolling and I have the transition set to fade.

  • zev_isert

    @chipzakje I built my screen from scratch, taking ideas from @SideSwipe and @xNiikk. It’s pretty messy but I can upload the .psd if you want.

  • Swivlehendie

    @zev_isert please please upload the psd! I don’t care if it’s messy
    by the did you make the wallpaper scroll down? For me it’s locked in place

  • zev_isert

    @Swivlehendie If you’re using SSLauncher simply place an icon or widget off the bottom edge of the screen on a cover page and it will automatically enable scrolling.

  • zev_isert
  • lamensterms

    Great work Zev. I never knew I could scroll vertically with SS Launcher – so thanks for the tip. Just wondering a few things, how do you operate/switch your tabs (applications/tools)? Also… did you create that wallpaper… I’m very interested to learn how to create faceted images like that.

    Thanks again

  • zev_isert

    @lamensterms Thanks! I find I usually switch tabs by swiping left and right (which can be disabled). the only problem is that the launcher retains where it was on the page so when I scroll between pages it doesn’t return to top.. I also have page shortcuts on the tab images

  • zev_isert

    As far as the wallpaper goes, yes I did make it. Its my dog :) and it was done in Adobe Illustrator with a brush I got from this link:

  • Wedoh

    Can you slide horizontal also in that launcher? :) Nice homescreen!

  • zev_isert

    Yes @Wedoh ! It also supports pages with varying animations just as a launcher like Nova would.

  • MissionImprobable

    A video of this in action would be very cool.

  • Swivlehendie

    @zev_isert thank you!

  • jpxa

    zev help me out a little here cause I love this screen.
    I understand how SS will allow you to to scroll the widget to make this effect but what I dont get it how to make the widget, I’m assuming you use zoom or desk vis but I’ve downloaded them both and can’t figure out how to one, import a psd file (which I dont think it supports) for the backround of the widget and once that is done how to add multiple invisible hotspots on the widget for the phone etc. insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

  • zev_isert

    Thanks for the enthusiasm! I’m away from home right now, (skiing) but simply I exported each tile seperatly then I made a desktop vis widgets for each tile. If you need more help I’ll try and post something later

  • jpxa

    That would be awesome if you did. still dont get how to make the one multi-functioning widget. so basically you created that psd file to be the widget backround correct? or you’re saying they’re individual tile backrounds and you created each tile that way and then how did you put them together? with desktop vis?
    -sorry not usually a noob at this, I’ve just never tried to do what you’ve done here.

  • Swivlehendie

    @zev_isert hey I made a screen based off your PSD! Could you check it out really quick? :)

Date Added: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 11:42 am

Threw this together pretty quickly, as you can see by the preview!
Thanks to @sideswipe and @xNiikk for the inspiration for my screen! See their work through these links: