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  • garyarts

    like it. It surely looks good on amoled.
    other: can you show me a link how to create a center clock on cm10 (10.1)?

  • AT428HK

    great job! what makes the counters? uccw?
    also what theme is it?
    i want to know how to set center clock too.
    thank you.

  • AT428HK

    @garyarts gary i guess this is not cm10.1. my phone is running cm10.1 nightly too but there is no option to change softkeys.

  • garyarts

    @AT428HK so we need to wait the answer:-)

  • amalcns

    @garyarts here you go guys:)

  • amalcns

    @AT428HK :)

  • garyarts

    @amalcns thanks, but is it for all device, not just for one x?

  • amalcns

    @garyarts hi there gary,the link below is for galaxy s2(which i believe is ur device),but it could get a bit buggy sometimes,use it at ur own risk,glad to help!:)

  • 2302jason

    Can you please tell me where to find those soft keys? :)

  • mathewrice

    Sometimes we try so hard to make something look great, we forget that great things can be made easily…
    Love it! Great Job!

  • 1r4k35t

    What ROM is that

  • kancut

    @all hi, thanks

    @1r4k35t @AT428HK @garyarts im’ using CNA 3.8, it has aokp rom control to change the clock style.
    I am not running CM10.1 so I’m not sure how to do it on CM10.1.

    @AT428HK Yes, UCCW makes the counter
    it’s Dream Themechooser.

    @2302jason I got these softkeys from Dream themechooser.

  • AT428HK

    @kancut Thanks for that!

  • tomacotuna

    plz tell me the icons

  • chillz88

    Could you share uccw and icons mate? Thank you

  • Sketch

    Great screen … Can you please share the icons?

  • dfuel

    you guys can also just create a UCCW for the top notif bar :)

Date Added: Thursday, December 20th, 2012 at 6:09 pm

inspired by ALEX T.’s flipcards

-Apex Launcher 9×6
-Desktop Visualizer