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Date Added: Friday, December 21st, 2012 at 4:49 am

Icons are :
Font is :
Wallpapers are from wallbase or deviantart.
You need : SS Launcher – Desktop Visualizer – UCCW – Minimalistic Text – Simple Calendar – installed
Also download the PSD & blank png here
Start by translating all the text icons on Photoshop. You can also resize the wallpaper if you need. The last group of layer is a selection of wallpapers : choose one by hiding the others or putting it above. When you’re done export it to a png directly to your phone.
Change the wallpaper in SS, choose the non-scrolling one. Add a UCCW widget for the phone and text notifications. If you don’t know how to do that, check here :
Then add the clock and battery either using UCCW or Minimalist Text. Finish by placing the Desktop Visualizer widgets on every category, phone, messages….Click it and select the blank png for the icon, and each application..DON’T FORGET TO ERASE THE NAME OF THE APP, or you would have to start over ! Also, choose an animation for when you click the icon. I selected “None” but do whatever you like.
Finish by adding the Simple Calendar Widget. The small one is better, I think.
And here you go ! SS Launcher doesn’t feature multiple screens (does it ?) so I have no hidden sidebar version of the wallpaper. But you can grab the wallpaper from the PSD and set it as lockscreen.
Hope I’ve been clear enough, if not, feel free to ask ! :)