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  • Moses_Albanna

    This setup is Awesome interested in sharing it ?!
    and you have a lovely children there =]

  • Mujodroid

    @Moses_Albanna thanks MAN … n which set up you need lockscren or home ??

  • Moses_Albanna

    @Mujodroid BOTH =)

  • axlpato

    Pictures are way too cute man! =) Also the setup looks nice and clean!

  • Mujodroid

    @axlpato thx dude ^^

    Lockscreen : widgetlocker
    layout : 8*8
    hide notification
    minimalistic text
    desktop visualizer
    Homescreen :
    Nova launcher 9*9
    resize all widget
    hide notification
    make you clock app.

Date Added: Friday, December 21st, 2012 at 8:11 pm

i hope you like ^^