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  • murattikil

    want uzip

  • nemf2bone
  • kannanM

    hi i am new to this
    so can u give tutorial about this..

  • nemf2bone

    @kannanM ok coming soon :)

  • nemf2bone

    @kannanM sorry I tried to give a tutorial as text..but It doesn’t work..sorry about that..

  • A_Random_screenShot

    please dont host my work, rather direct users to my blog, or the play store. Thanks. :)

  • nemf2bone

    @A_Random_screenShot i am so sorry about that i will remove battery bar immediately from my dropbox :)

  • A_Random_screenShot

    Thank you kindly. :)

Date Added: Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 at 1:19 am

I changed according to my like this screen where is here
I hope you enjoy it :)
Details: main screen grid size 9×10 and dock pages 1 and dock icons 7, horizantal none, vertical small in dock panel settings