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  • PLQ

    Well done!

  • McBoom

    @PLQ Thanks dude!

  • 1ceb0x

    i love this!!!

  • McBoom

    @1ceb0x Thanks man!

  • Hackerman911


    Great work! Awesome!

    Just one problem:
    The links you provided for the UCCW widgets are .zip files. I think they should be .uzip files so they can be used. Or is there another way to use .zip files with UCCW. Thanks, much appreciated.

  • McBoom

    @Hackerman911 Hey, thanks man. The .zip files contain a UCCW file and the files which the UCCW file uses to setup the widget, so it is possible to use the .zip files to make the widget. However, I have put the .uzip files on dropbox as well, since .uzip files are actually a lot easier to use. Here are the links:

    Let me know if it works. Thanks.

  • Hackerman911

    Great! Working perfectly! :-)

  • Keyes210

    Incredible! Thanks for the tutorial.

  • McBoom

    @Hackerman911 Thanks! I’m glad it works.

    @Keyes210 Thank you! You’re welcome :)

  • horrorshow21

    Can someone tell me how to change my location on the wthr screen from city state, country to city, state?

    example [Los Angeles California, United States] to [Los Angeles, California]


  1. 1. Set Apex Launcher grid size to 5x8, set the screen transition speed to 1 and check "hide icon labels"
  2. 2. Set the wallpapers using multipicture live wallpaper
  3. 3. Set transparent shortcuts to the right homescreen using apex launcher actions
  4. 4. Set the "orange time" UCCW widget on the "time" screen and set the "purple weather" UCCW widget on the "WHTR" screen
  5. 5. Place the app icons on the "apps" screen
  6. 6. Place a 4x2 Playerpro Music Player widget on the "music" screen and resize it to 3x5
  7. 7. Place a scrollable news widget on the "media" screen
  8. 8. And you're done
Date Added: Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 at 10:54 pm

My new Longboard Mod. Hope you like it.
Orange time UCCW widget:

Purple weather UCCW widget: