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  • IceDree

    Nice, looks comfortable!
    Is the grey area a dock or part of the wallpaper?

  • css101

    It is a part of wallpaper.

  • itwasgood

    can you show me what kind of setting do you have for Apex Launcher?
    because if i use my tablet in landscape mode with Apex Launcher, i’m losing some part of my homescreen.

  • drone207A

    Love it! great work! what’s the icon set you are using?

  • css101

    @drone207A , Ice cream sandwich. Link in the description.

  • drone207A

    oh, thank you !

  • css101

    @itwasgood , check the description.

  • itwasgood

    @css101 thank you,,but i can’t set my landscape grid to 7×12. maximum grid for my apex ony 7×10. how can you make it 12?

  • css101

    @itwasgood , I don’t know. Maybe because it is pro version.

  • waineo

    @css101 love the theme! Do you have the UCCW files in a zip file I could download? The links above keep directing me to the Play store. Thanks :-)

  • css101

    @waineo , sorry, widgets were made by myself and i don’t have them now. But it isn’t hard to make.

  • FuyuhikoDate

    I like your background, but i’m bad at image editing….
    so would it be possible to make for the picture above a frame or something (maybe a widget so you could change the picture automaticly from time to time :)

  • css101

    I can’t make or find widget that could do it, but i can help you to edit picture. In photoshop just drag-and-drop your picture under layer 4. Here is psd:

Date Added: Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 at 2:25 am

One of the most comfortable homescreens i’ve ever made.

Apex settings:

Dock is disabled.