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  • AT428HK

    Great job! btw it looks like my cube ui more than flipcards.
    Merry Christmas!

  • georgiexe

    Thanks … Oh I didn’t know that you made a cube UI. I’ll will check it out.

  • bobjohnson201

    nice! will try this out

  • overseer

    I got lost at step #2. Any chance of a more detailed explaination?
    Like how do you place page jumpers? How do you put icons on the pages?
    This looks great, would love to get this on my phone.

  • georgiexe

    @ overseer thanks!!! I will try to explain but am not that good in English so excuse me if I write something wrong….. The page jumper you will find theme if you long press on the screen a menu will comes out… Select nova actions and go down to page jumpers and select the page you wanna jump…theme long press that icon move it to words on menu that comes with wallpaper(you will need three icons per word) once you put it where you wanna, long press the icon, select edit and change the icon for the for a blank PNG to make the icon invisible. If you have more questions just ask no problem… Just remember this theme will fit perfectly if you have a GS3 y don’t now about other phones!!

  • overseer

    Thanks! Yeah, I have the S3, use Nova Prime and have PowerAmp, should be good to go setting this up. Finished step 2 & 4. Just need to figure out how to use uccw. Going to look it up on Youtube or something.

  • georgiexe

    This its how I learned to use uccw 

    theres a 3 videos tutorial!!! That channel its pretty good
    I think that should put the uccw widgets first cuz all the icons and widgets in step 4 go over the uccw widgets that make the cube, remember long press the uccw widgets and send them back to put the other widgets over them

  • overseer

    Perfect! Thx!

  • georgiexe

    Sure! You don’t need to make the uccw widgets, just place them.. You’ll find them in the downloaded file… Just open the .uzip files through uccw

  • RichardB

    This looks awesome but I can’t get the uccw widgets aligned correctly – they appear the correct size but I can’t move them righ to the top of the screen. Do I need to choose a particular size of uccw widget to begin with?

    Also, how to get the text for Home, Apps, Widgets, etc?

  • georgiexe

    @richardb thanks!!! Well if you have a GS3 and setup the launcher how the description says it should fit nicely…. When I set the uccw widgets I pick 4×4 and then long press the widget and resize it until its take the hole top off the screen….. If you download the everything you need file on top there’s a wallpaper with the words you place the icons on top of the word

  • RichardB

    Thanks @georgiexe – sorry, had used the wrong wallpaper with no words on it! I still can’t place the uccw widgets properly, there’s a big gap between them and the top of the screen and they overlap the grey bar at the top of the wallpaper. Will keep playing though, I need to have this setup its so good!!

  • georgiexe

    @Richardb well sometimes the uccw widget don’t fit perfectly even tough you are using the uzip that I gave you…. So what you can do its open uccw turn off the hotspots and edit the widgets you will have to move and resize a lot but it sure will work if you don’t know use uccw well use the tutorial in my color screen YouTube channel…. Let me know if you make it work…. You know what Ill put all the uzip files (new ones) so you can try and see if those work

  • georgiexe

    Here you have the uzip and apk files try them
    in the home here changed the weather icon. For some reason I don’t know if its a uccw bug but the weather icon isn’t working properly, so am using eye in the sky widget.Iif you wanna change the color using uccw pick shape 1 and colors

  • takkuso

    I have the exact same problem as Richardb, weird. I have an S3, so I wouldn’t think there’d be an issue.

    Edit: I edited the UCCW files and just checked “Faster Movement” and moved EVERYTHING up three clicks. Thank you for the awesome theme!

  • RichardB

    Thanks for all your help guys – getting there now! Editing the uccw files seems to be the best way to get the positioning correct so I’ll spend some time doing that and then I’ll be sorted. Thanks :)

  • bobjohnson201

    i cant get the page jumpers to allign with the wallpaper. I noticed you said 10×7 in the first step. For me, Nova only lets me set up 7×7 for the desktop grid. How did you do 10×7? Im on a nexus 4 btw

  • georgiexe

    @ bob johnson to get more than 7×7 grid on nova you need to unlock nova labs and turn on the option. You can make that by long pressing vol. Down once on nova’s settings menu… You will need to play a little bit with the settings cuz my setup its for a GS3

  • adrian08

    Hi, Georgiexe.

    First, I love your work and Happy New Year! :)

    1. Anyways, I’m also kinda lost as to resizing UCCW. Whatever I do, I can’t seem to edit the provided uzip such as observed in the tutorial: .

    I’m trying to edit the size/dimension of the widget in Control #3 but it doesn’t allow me to do the changes.

    2. Noob question: How do you tell the widget on what Gmail Label to use? :)

    Thank You!

  • firemanbif

    I’m sorry, but I’m stuck at the wallpaper screen. I can’t find a wallpaper with the words on it. The link that is on here takes me to a wallpaper with no words. Am I missing a step? Thanks

  • code_junkie

    It took a little bit of work with the Wizardrii app, but I made this work nicely on my Nexus S

  • adrian08

    Hi Guys.

    How did you guys manage to fit the blue UCCW in the black box? :(

  • georgiexe

    SORRY FOR THE LATE ANSWER!!! i been busy….
    @adrinan08 i know uccw its kind of hard but this its how i learned to use ir:
    theres a 3 videos tutorial!!! That channel its pretty good… edited the UCCW files and just checked “Faster Movement” and moved EVERYTHING up three clicks
    @Firemanbif you have to download this file:

  • georgiexe

    SORRY FOR THE LATE ANSWER!!! i been busy….
    @adrinan08 i know uccw its kind of hard but this its how i learned to use ir:
    theres a 3 videos tutorial!!! That channel its pretty good… edited the UCCW files and just checked “Faster Movement” and moved EVERYTHING up three clicks

  • georgiexe

    @Firemanbif you have to download this file:

  • http:[email protected]@XDA [email protected]

    Hello Georgiexe,
    This is beautiful work. I have been trying to copy it to my phone. The file link is corrupt and I never found the wallpaper with the words only the wallpaper without words. Would it be possible to send the file link again.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Mikfoley

    Hello, I love your design!

    I just don’t understand how you go from screen to screen while the bottom half remains stationary. trying to use this technique in one of my designs and cannot figure it out. If you could explain it would be great! Thanks!

Date Added: Monday, December 24th, 2012 at 3:29 pm

This its my first Theme. The idea behind my theme comes from flipCards by Alex T. thanks to him for his amazing work!!!
I will put some more info later…
Am trying to find who made the icons to put it here
Everything you need here:

Setup nova: (for GS3) 10×7 nova labs, width margin to none, height margin to lager, search bar to never, show shadow off, 4 home screens, scroll effect CUBE, wallpaper scrolling off,infinite scroll on, resize all widgets on, widgets over lapon
Dock off
scroll speed relaxed
Step1: Place wallpaper, i had to scale it with wallpaper wizardii :(
Step2: Place page jumpers over the menu, down left, and replace theme with a blank png
Step3: Put the 4 uccw uzip that comes in the zip, resize theme
Step4: Finally put the icons on second page, music widget on third and calendar on next page….

In third screen you will need power amp music to place a widget(clear back ground) over the uccw music.
In fourth screen place a clear background, android pro widgets calendar widget over the uccw calendar one.