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2013 Android Homescreen by semati - MyColorscreen
Custom Wallpaper


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  • mey

    Very good , and Happy new year :)

  • semati

    @mey Thanks & Happy new year too :)

  • levlylevy

    Can I have the Uccw Uzip files please? :)
    Happy new year

  • vallarellas

    Happy New Year!! I Like it…..

  • semati

    @levlylevy I uploaded it,go to description pls.Happy new year!

  • semati

    @vallarellas Thanks!! Happy new year :)

  • kevin2gee

    where can i get the desktop visualizer images?
    Nvm i totally forgot that its the wallpaper that has the images, Sorry, great screen BTW

  • dalisayalbert524

    Great Theme….@semati happy new year!!!long lives….

  • semati

    @kevin2gee Thanks,yes the wallpaper has :) you have to use a transparent icon for apps.

  • semati
  • dalisayalbert524

    @semati…the wallpaper you posted is fit to my S3 phone?

  • semati

    @dalisayalbert524 it must fit but im not sure,you have to try.

  • daily_driver

    Another AWESOME one!!! \[>.<]/

  • semati
  • kenwood5895

    nice good job!
    how can i have wallpaper ?

  • semati
  • kenwood5895

    sorry! i need just 2013wallpaper…
    no text wallpaper pls

  • semati
  • MM_Mona

    Happy new year! I like it very much ! Could I translate your description into Chinese and use your picture on another BBS. Of course I won’t change anything . I just want more friends can learn to beautify homescreens .

  • semati

    Thanks! It’s my pleasure…Happy New Year too :)

  • MM_Mona

    @semati I‘m looking forward to your new work!

  • tolati

    all of your working’re reallyyyy perfect!!!!

  • semati

    @tolati Hey!! Thanks man..i am glad you like it :)

  • MM_Mona

    Hey, I forgot to give the link.
    I hope you like it.

  • semati

    @MM_Mona Thank you..i like it :)

Date Added: Thursday, December 27th, 2012 at 2:27 pm

Nova Launcher (8×8 grid size,no margins,hide dock)
Desktop Visualizer

Uzip and blank icon: