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Homescreen and lockscreen
  • Babakaj

    Please share UCCW skins!

  • footsteps88

    details pleasex

  • Luken

    wud u mind shre the detail of the homescreen pls … how to setup screen many icon like tht and put baground on the homescreen like tht ? is tht custom WP or widget sir ?

  • ohmz

    @Luken @footsteps88 @Babakaj I will be posting the contents really soon. Thank you for your patience guys, I’ve been really busy lately

  • ohmz

    @Luken @footsteps88 @Babakaj details and everything you need are up. feel free to message me with questions

Date Added: Thursday, December 27th, 2012 at 8:05 pm

Halo 4 themed static homescreen and daft punk lockscreen with daft punk slider

I’ve posted the dropbox link for everything you will need for this setup. its quite simple.

I used nova launcher with a 7 by 9 grid but I think you can make it work on other launchers.

just setup the wallpaper i’ve included, load “curcuna” uccw widget onto homescreen and place it appropriateley.

as for the icons, I’ve included a invisible icon to replace all your appropriate icons once you place them.

as for the lockscreen, i’ve included the wallpaper and “cham time” uccw ( you will need to edit the colors for the hour and minute in uccw to match the wallpaper)