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  • rustybx

    no detail :( which widget etc ?

  • Silitek43

    Upload files ASAP..:)

  • pbrewer81


  • erguillermin

    ;)….one vote mate

  • ukiceman

    Nice one mate!

  • oemstyla


  • Veom69

    Wow this looks so nice and professional!

  • rxsette

    Oh wow, love this screen! Can you please post how to make my Galaxy S3 look like this? Thank you!

  • Silitek43

    Files up….calendar APW (Android pro widget) free in the market
    Uccw dark and white.

  • Darthvapor

    Original unzips by Ryoen in a few different colors over in the UCCW thread on XDA.

Date Added: Friday, December 28th, 2012 at 12:34 am

have fun..zoom in for more details