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  • Silitek43

    Always zoom, please

  • amalcns

    hi there we’ve rquested for the files on ur previous screen,but i guess u might hav forgotten it,can u share it.and oh!really like this screen btw:)

  • Silitek43
  • amalcns

    @Silitek43 thank u so much bro!can u provide the files for ur ice-gold screen too??plz??

  • Silitek43

    @amalcns ..sure files up for ice-gold :)

  • sipher6

    i like it great work as always

  • erguillermin

    Every day I learn more about yourself, where you get so much creativity?

  • dalisayalbert524

    a work of art good job @silitek….

  • shoxy

    Sweet work love got it all set up but cnt change the pic in uccw says they’re 2 big help.plzzzz I’m a newby.

  • elboco
Date Added: Saturday, December 29th, 2012 at 7:44 pm

BK screen..hope you like it.