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  • pbrewer81

    Nice Screen Sir!

  • knetbernales

    thank you very much for appreciating it sir :)

  • spickett123

    Looks great, good work!

  • knetbernales

    thank you sir :)

  • mtman1

    This theme is amazing :) can you please upload the .psd file for both pages for download, as I would like to change them for my use. If not, can you at least tell me the font you used for the G+, Twitter and facebook things? Thanks :)

  • knetbernales

    @mtman1 sure sir.. maybe tomorrow i can upload the .psd file.. by the way the font i used is quicksand :)

  • tenaciousme1

    This is great, and I’m almost finished creating it, but I have NO IDEA how to change the icons to blank png icons so that the’re invisible. I’ve tried Desktop Visualizer but had no luck. Could you walk me through this, please?

  • knetbernales

    @tenaciousme1 you can get it on this link.. it’s a zip file just extract it and place it on your sd card..

  • rlestage

    Is it possible to get the Wallpaper with nothing added onto it? Thanks!


  1. 1. first is to follow the apex settings written in the description..
  2. 2. then use multipicture live wallpaper and select the wallpaper for this theme.. i provided the wallpapers so you'll never have to worry
  3. 3. then place the icons on their designated places.. change their icons to blank png icon so it will be invisible
  4. 4. then place the ubermusic widget on the picture.. resize it..
  5. 5. bring on the weather widget on the next page and resize it..
  6. 6. then put the quotes widget just under the weather widget..
  7. 7. and you're done :D
Date Added: Saturday, December 29th, 2012 at 12:01 am

hey guys i made this theme and i call it brochure.. it’s kinda odd to say that i don’t even know if this is really a brochure type or not but it doesn’t matter.. so i hope you guys like it :D

10×10 grid
horizontal margin=none
vertical margin=none
wallpaper mode= multiple screen(scrolling)
hide notification bar=should be checked
hide icon labels= also checked
hide dock=checked
use the card stack transition


swipe down= show notifications

i used Lustre Icon Pack
here’s the Link:

for the music widget i used ubermusic
here’s the link:

for the weather widget i used eye in the sky
here’s the link:

and for the quotes widget i used brilliant quotes
here’s the link:

i hope you guys enjoy this theme.. from now on i will start posting my creations and please love it :)