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  • cakmak

    I can’t find uccw clock skin. Please share it.

  • chw42

    I put it in the description.

  • kxnt

    Nice icons (;

  • cakmak

    thank a lot

  • Ofek

    thanks great wallpaper and clock widget.

  • dandaddy

    Having trouble specifying Nova Settings to make the folder icons show properly in size while still fitting everything. Please notate your settings (grid size, height/width margins, etc.) Looks great otherwise!

  • chw42


    Grid size is 4×4, I put the minimum margins for everything except the dock I believe. I used platform for folder background and fan for folder preview.

  • wcr115

    How do you get the weather on the lock screen?

  • chw42

    You need Android 4.2 for that. If you have 4.2, swipe left on the lockscreen and it will give you the option to add widgets to the lockscreen.

Date Added: Saturday, December 29th, 2012 at 10:53 am

AOKP 4.2, MIUI Softkeys, Nova Launcher.
UCCW Skin: