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  • bgechka9

    can u give us a link to the uccw please?

  • dapolo79

    im working on it with a video give me a little time hope to have everything posted soon

  • dapolo79

    working on video ,but a quick description of what i did im using apex launcher with overlapping widgets, im using uccw widget for all my visable widgets and an app called popup widget for my hidden widgets , popup widget creates an icon on your that when pressed a widget pops up , but i also used simple text app to make the icon invisible, then with the apex launcher you are able to put the icon behind the widget , once you do that you long press on the widget and select send it back , which then allows the icon to be selected when touching that area and making the widget pop up , for example when i press the date a calendar widget pops up ,same for the radar also have a forcast and music widget hidden , i know its alot but its not hard i can answer and questions again hope to have a video up soon

  • dapolo79
  • dapolo79

    if you ever want to change the look or color of any wallpaper get the photo editor app you can make it your own style its a great app and if your ever having trouble with wallpapers not looking right on your phone get wallpaper wizardrii it will make any wallpaper fit your phone just some tips

  • bgechka9

    @dapolo79 thank you so much for all the files u provided it really helped can u just include the icon pack or the icons for the phone messaging and app drawer you used. Thank you so much

  • dapolo79
  • Fulgore84

    feels like ingress

  • dapolo79

    here is a another wallpaper with a circuit board underlay , brings it to life a little bit , i think
    also if you dont like the color please download photo editor and make it whatever color you want great app you can change the icons too that i gave you they are png files
    video coming soon on how to these things let me know if there is anything i can help you with

  • http:[email protected] Vinsane

    Weather uzip and weather icons no longer available on 2shared – can you reload please? Great work!



Date Added: Saturday, December 29th, 2012 at 8:45 am

Redone wallpaper made over by the photo editor app with hidden widgets from the popup widget app—using apex launcher with a 7×7 grid and no horizontal margin and a small vertical margin – overlaping widgets