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  • atomall1

    Beautiful, that all I can say! Thank you!

  • MyPhone

    I need your uccw.uzip i like it

  • chromium

    @atomall1 thanks

  • chromium

    @MyPhone i will upload everything asap

  • drkztan

    How can I put this on my phone? I can’t seem to find download links :p

  • chromium

    @drkztan i have added the stuff to the description, i comes with the wallpaper and the backgrounds for the uccw widgets

  • ljanhong

    where is the download link for the uccw widgets? This is too beautiful!

  • chromium

    @ljanhong the first link in the description includes the backgrounds for the uccw widgets

  • ljanhong

    but how can i add the clock, calendar and weather? any app needed?

  • lewlian

    Cool screen! Am trying to figure out how to centralize the middle widget on the wallpaper. It seems to be off-center.

  • chromium

    @lewlian when u make the uccw widget create an image and then choose the one I provided. Uccw lets u reposition the image so just do trial and error until u think it looks good

  • chromium

    @ljanhong its all uccw. If your a beginner in customizing you might want to check out the mycolorscreen YouTube channel. I think they have some good tutorials on how to use uccw

Date Added: Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 at 4:05 pm

Partially inspired by Circle by Samauriz:

Ask if youd like anything.