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  • jobe1785

    nice. could you share the wallpaper from the first screen? thanks.

  • lkim802

    I luv this set up u have done too. Very clean and nice!

  • angelnaina

    @jobe1785 yep ,sure..will upload soon..,thanks for liking it..:)

    Edit-uploading done…thanks..

  • angelnaina

    @lkim802 glad to know you like it..thanks..

  • xxquocxanhxx

    Thanks for sharing helped me create a screen using your wallpaper :)

  • djkinetic

    Looks nice, but I cant find the link to the files. =/

  • noni


  • angelnaina

    @djkinetic hii..plz check file under Wallpaper option..its der :)

  • angelnaina

    @noni Thanks mate :)

Date Added: Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 at 12:06 am

please zoom :)