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  • PLQ

    I like it…good work!

  • Darkty

    looks great, can you share this setup please? :D

  • Rhraw

    thank you, guys. psd-file and homescreen were added in the description.

  • Darkty

    @Rhraw Thanks :D

  • oemstyla


  • shoxy

    Beautiful look love it

  • R3quiem

    Awesome theme, could you possibly post the full settings to get the look or a guide please especially for apex and uccw. Thanks

  • AndythePhanDroid

    Does anybody know how to get the wallpaper to scale correctly?

  • Aphrodite

    Instead of sharing the jpeg screen shot of your phone or just a .psd file of the images, how about you add where and what widgets you use isn’t of being moronic about it.

  • kenwood5895

    can i have the uzip& icon?

  • dede2006


  • daily_driver

    Simply clean!!!

  • switchin

    **BUMP** On the wallpaper scaling! Anyone figure out how to do that?

    Figured it out, you just have to turn off wallpaper scrolling and it will let you set the image as the background.

  • oldmeatwad

    RH – What skin are you using for the bottom bar (Phone, email, web, etc.) ?

  • Rhraw

    @oldmeatwad this is no skin, it’s a part of the homescreen wallpaper with transparent icons/folders.

  • hairy9802

    can u share the uzip file..thanks

  • lmt125

    I have a mytouch 4g so wasn’t able to get the bottom part to fit the screen just up to wear it says games etc. I was able to figure out how to do the invisible icons with UCCW for that section but am having trouble being able to put the notifications in place, I can create the icon with UCCW also but can’t make them fit exactly. I’ll post a pic when I’m done.

    Update: I gave up on the notification icons for now. Here is what I did for the invisible icons I used Minimalistic Text App.
    Here’s is a link to the homescreen pic…

    1. Create 1×1 Minimalistic Widget
    2. Under background I unselected show background so it would be invisible
    3. Layout: I did predefined layout Custom then I selected Custom Layout and erased the predefined things it had like dates. You tap on it and then you’ll see a trash can
    4. Checked allow overflow
    5. Tap Behavior I clicked on Start another activity and just linked it to what I wanted
    6. Save widget with name you want
    7. Do the same for the rest what I figured is that you can restore the saved widget and just change were it goes and save it with a new name.
    8. Just resize it

    Also I was thinking the picture with the camera I could add an invisible widget to go to the camera app and the same for the gallery, for now I put to show the apps but then I just changed so that when I swipe up all my apps show.

    I became lazy on the date on top didn’t add the spaces and couldn’t put it all the way at the top of the screen lol

    Hope what I wrote helps some people, very new to this.

  • MarciMercy

    Hi. Thx for this great idea. It was difficult to creat this one. But I solved it. This is how it looks on my screen now:

    I changed some icons to fit my own needs. For example i extended the high of the upper image. Also I decreased the high of the wether bar. The notification were simple to creat with uccw. The Buttons under the weather widget were harder. I have a uzip of it, but the hotspots are connectet to my changes ( like whatsapp instead of voice search.

  • MarciMercy

    If you want the Date go to the top try this:
    Chose a Costum Layout and add two rows under your Date-combination. In each you put a static Text in with a single space.

    And if you want to creat the notificationwidgets just have a look at the developers site of uccw. They have a good tutorial how to work with it. It´s simple ;-)

  • Morpheus1968

    can someone post this screen as .apk ?

  • lmt125

    @MarciMercy I figured out the notification widget the problem is on apex I don’t have widgets overlapping so I used Nova Launcher and was able to do that =) Whose developer site?

Date Added: Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 at 10:22 pm

Details on Homescreen. Please zoom!