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  • mdjurov

    Very nice setup!+1

  • amalcns

    will u be sharing this ?:)

  • barcelooon

    psd plz

  • meisi

    Nice, but for me to close to iOs…

  • shoxy

    Sweet plzzzzzz share

  • panyongs73

    very nice! Love the detail.

  • joo8

    psd share plz!!!!

  • cvdesignlab


  • 1ceb0x

    OH… this is a masterpiece!

  • kenwood5895

    very good job!
    can i get the uccw skin,icon

  • mrajaganesh

    really need it

  • Ventri87

    Awesome!! Love It :-)

  • zevim2005

    he not share the screens…

  • amalcns

    I guess he likes keeping everything to himself:(

  • zevim2005

    this make me think that maybe its just project and it doest work for real…

  • nikk

    @ all: I don’t share all of my stuff for the following reasons: It’s a lot of work! I don’t get paid for this you know? Fixing all my screens and files and make them (easily) accesible for you guys requires some work. Sometimes I do it, sometimes I don’t, sorry.
    Furthermore, I hade quite a few incidents where people use my stuff without giving credit or anything. I don’t like that, and neither would you.
    Last but not least, a couple of screens are heavily influenced by stuff I see online (like this one), and although I recreate all of that stuff in photoshop, it still feels wrong to me to share “their” creative work.

    And believe me, it works ;) Well it worked, since it has already been replaced.

  • zevim2005

    I see…understand you nikk.
    But maybe you can share without modifing for use??just throw the files here?

    Thanks and try share with us every time that you can cause your screens are awesome!! ;)

Date Added: Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 5:11 pm

Please zoom!

Found this beautiful dribbble:
I really loved how it looked almost like cell shading, so I just had to give it a home on my phone.

I recreated the look of the design in photoshop and came up with this setup. Hope you like it! :)