Custom Wallpaper


beautiful homescreens


to build your own
  • KanadeMod

    Excellent! But I’d like to edit the wallpapers with different pictures for my screen…….(I like the ‘layout’ in fact)

  • jonsky

    @KanadeMod actually I’m planning to make a tutorial based on my homescreens. i will include a blank psd template so anyone can create their own wallpaper. thanks for the interest!

  • Rasa13

    cool! i like those little circles/icons or whatever they are at the 4 corners.
    what exactly are they? icons? uccw’s?
    Nice work!

Date Added: Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 12:42 am

Based on the awesome wipeout series! love the visual style in the game, very well designed! can’t helped but try and make one theme for my tab. :)

happy new year guys!