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TiLED Android Homescreen by garyarts - MyColorscreen
Custom Wallpaper


beautiful homescreens


to build your own
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Bobberta Bobberta

    Colors are awesome…

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/amalcns amalcns

    Great work my inspirer!;)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/pbrewer81 pbrewer81

    Once again… AWESOME! Where do you get your inspiration?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Mujodroid Mujodroid

    awesome :D

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/tomaslxix tomaslxix

    Very cool, stoked to see how you did it

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @Bobberta Happy to hear you like them!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @pbrewer81 thank you. Oh, this the question I can’t answer… From everywhere? I think it’s not enough for you:-)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @tomaslxix Stay tuned;-)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/vallarellas vallarellas

    Very good job!!! I like it!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/nikk nikk

    Nice clean look, AWESOME colors! :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @nikk thanks, man!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/todd todd

    nice man:)
    pls make agayn for me wall for mplw

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/todd todd

    thanks :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/denver01 denver01

    thanks :)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ody ody

    You again GaryArts !
    Never stop make an great stuff ! :-)
    Very good

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Svenska_tjej Svenska_tjej

    really cool layout! i would like to rebuild it with launcher 8. where can i get the white icons?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/jquest68 jquest68

    question: how do I set the 4×4 icons so that when I tap on the message icon it’ll go to that app, and for the phone as well?
    I love this set up.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @ody :-)thank you!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @Svenska_tjej icons are iconsweets and free, you can google it

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @jquest68 well, I use apex launcher and 9×7 grid, so if u make it the same, if you resize 4×4 widget it will fit as in picture shown above. Hotspots will fit as well. Hope it helps

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/MarcoJHB MarcoJHB

    Here is the Video Tutorial for this screen:

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @MarcoJHB thanks, man!:-)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Ryuk Ryuk

    Beautiful. Added to mine with the tutorial on YouTube. Just one quick question though. I am using a Note 2 and the top and the bottom of the wallpaper is showing shadows. Any ideas why?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @Ryuk thanks. You need to disable shadows in Apex.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/jacobpraytor jacobpraytor

    I’ve got a minor problem. When I installed this last night, I changed the hotspot for the messenger service to open the default messenger service instead of metro messaging because I didn’t have that app. Today, I downloaded metro messaging but when I go to change it in the hotspot, it won’t save. I select hotspot #3 (the one I have for messenger) and select app and metro messaging beta. But when I go back to the home screen and select it, it still opens the default messaging app. I also downloaded a new music player and tried to change the hotspot to open my new music player but the same thing happens, it doesn’t seem to save and still opens the default music player. Any ideas?

    Edit: Any position adjustments I make in UCCW don’t save either. I’ve restarted the phone a couple of times and disabled/enabled hotspot mode as well and just can’t seem to get anything to stick now. I change things in UCCW but they don’t take effect on my home screen.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ultimatejc ultimatejc

    I’m very new to this. How hard would it be to make a social media tile?? Facebook, Twitter, pintrest, instagram etc type of thing.

    I’m loving this!! Thx so much!!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @jacobpraytor I see. I think you should make changes, save them and remove and replace widget again. Sometimes uccw has problems like this. Anyway you can add any app or icon to the skin or change them if you want. Hope it helps

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @ultimatejc you can change any icons and add any apps as a hotspot in the uccw skin

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ultimatejc ultimatejc

    @garyarts I will give a shot at extracting what I need from iconsweets and making the changes, What format do the images need to be as I just get a white box on my first attempt. Thanks again

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @ultimatejc you need to save png files with transparent bg

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    if somebody want to change icons, just google iconsweets, save any icons you want and change hotspot

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/nathan1901 nathan1901

    I have a scaling problem. the hotsposts zone are tiny and are not spreading up when I resize the widget. Anyone has a solution? (Samsung Galaxy S3, latest version of UCCW)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @nathan1901 what launcher and grid size do you use?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/nathan1901 nathan1901

    Just fixed it. Basically, had to configure all hotspots, save it under a new name. Take the widget off, put it back using my saved skin and then it worked. I guess we should all give some money to UCCW to improve their quality standards.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @nathan1901 yeah, this is exactly I wanted to advise now. You’re probably right, we should donate more, however uccw is one of the best free customization app on the store

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/eslamftoh eslamftoh

    where the uzip files ????????????

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @eslamftoh I also greet you… btw just read the description above before put hundreds of question marks

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/nathan1901 nathan1901

    @garyarts And i know a lot of my Android developers friends who will tell me, it’s not UCCW, it’s Android. ;-) Great work!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts
  • http://mycolorscreen.com/Matthewscottk Matthewscottk

    I’ve been looking for a clean, minimal setup that was easy to put together and this one hit the spot.

    It looks great and is so simple to put together with the 3 UCCW skins given. It’s quite perfect.

    Great job! This will be my screen for some time.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @Matthewscottk thanks! nice to hear you also like it

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ultimatejc ultimatejc

    @garyarts thx, I was able to get it done but my icons are no where as sharp looking as yours!! :) I’ll work on it more when I have a little more time but I have my 3rd screen going!!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/skidelo skidelo

    how do you get iconsweets onto android? sorry, newb question. Do you have to crop out each icon in photoshop? Or can I import it as an icon pack somehow?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @ultimatejc what device do you have (higher resolution can result ‘blurry’ look)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @skidelo copy any icons you want into a new 72x72px file and save as a png with transparent bg

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ultimatejc ultimatejc

    @garyarts i have an S3. I just need to play with the size of the icon I think. I’m having to scale up in uccw.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/carazox carazox

    I created a new wallpaper in yellow
    I leave you the link to download it : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69079306/tiled3.png

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @carazox thanks, but I prefer my colors:-)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/yihaomizhijia yihaomizhijia

    Very popular screen!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @yihaomizhijia yeah, maybe it’s different or has a peer pressure on it:-)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/hiposition hiposition

    it’s more like windows for lumia~

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @hiposition square isn’t something that MS invented…they just use it, cuz these shapes are perfectly can fit to each other. What about Rubik’s cube then?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/bnl552 bnl552

    GaRyArTs thanks. This is great. I am trying to make some modifications and one thing I want to do is add a weather icon for tomorrow’s weather. Could you please tell me where the weather icons came from? I do not see them in iconsweets. Thanks in advance.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @bnl552 thank you. Uccw skin contains the weather icons called Tab. No need to install more

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/darrenbarker darrenbarker

    It’s beautiful and spent all morning working it onto my S3. Thank you!
    1) On the app screen, my bground is black, not the wallpaper?
    2) On the left most screen of the two, I cannot figure out how to get rid of a static MultiplePicture Live Wallpaper icon? It sits in the top left corner and just takes away from the overall effect. I can’t find it anywhere in the settings.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/bnl552 bnl552

    @garyarts when I click on wheather icon it says choose folder but the onky option is default which is not the icons you used. Are their some files that I need to move into that folder or something?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/LaytonxGyakuten LaytonxGyakuten

    love this, the video tutorial really helped!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/bnl552 bnl552

    @darrenbarker 1. I am using nova launcher, not Apex, so not sure if this works the same. With nova there is a menu for app drawer settings and in there is a setting for background transparency. Mine was black until I adjusted it. I pefer is somewhere in the middle so it darkens the screen somewhat so the txt is more readable.
    2. I have an S3 as well and do not have this issue. Have you tried reverting to a static image and then back to multipicture? Or clearing data and cache on multipicture?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/darrenbarker darrenbarker

    @bnl552 1) I was using Nova as well and your transparency suggestion fixed it. Thanks so much.
    2) Tried restarting as well as a static wallpaper. All wallpapers now have this Multi Icon in the top left corner.
    However, I am a special, special person. I held the icon down and hit ‘remove’ I did not see this option before and feel completely touched by an angel right now. Wtf.
    Thanks again. Really appreciate it.

    With the hot spots and icons ‘active’ will they always show a pop up menu when holding them down for a long press ?(Remove/resize/bring to front/etc)

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/bnl552 bnl552

    @darrenbarker Yes. They will always show those option on long press. Any widget will, its a function of the launcher. I have never looked but there might be an option in nova to lock the screen as is and not allow along press. RSo the icon you were referring to was just an icon for the multipicture app then.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/darrenbarker darrenbarker

    @bnl552 Ok, cool to know. Thanks again. Inside Nova Launcher there is in fact an option to lock the desktop so long pressing won’t give you the option pop up. I’m still learning a lot as this is my first Smartphone at age 36, but thanks for your help. It’s really opened my eyes to the customization options available!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ibuddha ibuddha

    @garyarts I love this screen its awesome. I’m still very new to customizing and I’m having a huge problem with the icons. I downloaded the icon sweet pack but all I see is one single PNG image and a PSD file.which file do I use to copy an icon and create the 72×72 PX file , and how? Do I need Photoshop or can I use gimp?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @ibuddha You need to change icons in uccw (with your own png icons), save it, and thats it

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/ibuddha ibuddha

    @garyarts that i understand. my problem is that the iconsweets that I was able to find brings like 60 icons on a pink background in a png file then another psd file. I’ve only ever encountered icons that come in an apk or single images, but this one is one whole image with the icons. my question is how do i get said icons individually to set them on uccw. i’m still new to this heavy customizing so please bear with me. aside from that ive been able to set up the uccw skin just as the guide mentioned. my only other question is if there is a setting so that instead of either having the weather update every couple of hours or not at all if it could just update when ever i touch it. thank you!!!!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @ibuddha I see. I used the same psd for my setup. You need to have photoshop (or something like that), open psd with those many icons, you should copy wanted icons from that to a different document with transparent background, clear layer style (or add another style or color you want) and save as a png file. I don’t remember the actual pixel size of the icons I used, but the bigger is the better, because you can resize it in uccw. About weather update: you should just set longer terms at uccw settings, like 6 or 12 hours or whatever you want. Hope it was helpful

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/anas_shafiq anas_shafiq

    Sorry I am new to this. How can I set this wallpaper ?

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @anas_shafiq hi, follow video tutorial on YT and everything will be clear:-)

  • http:[email protected] RCranium666

    I love this launcher. I’m having trouble with the wallpaper though. multipicture live wallpaper only loads a single picture(not live) at random. Also, I can’t load the wallpaper I downloaded from your dropbox link. It loads fine on my macbook air, but my phone won’t open it as a wallpaper.

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @RCranium666 just use the wallpaper, built into one and set two screens with Quickpic app

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/masque3000 masque3000

    Do you have access the floral upper square as a standalone wallpaper? I would like to apply this to my lock screen. Thanks!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @masque3000 well, I just find it somewhere, but not in full resolution, so it would not be enough for a whole hd screen

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/KimJongPoon KimJongPoon

    Great looking screen. Do you know if the background resolution will work with ah HTC one? Currently the outer white margins are being cut off when I set the wallpaper so every thing is off center. I really hope I can make this work, it’s a beautiful minimal screen

    Edit: screenshot example http://m.imgur.com/PEeNrBH

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @KimJongPoon hi, try it by Themer app, this theme is built into that

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/KimJongPoon KimJongPoon

    @garyarts Got it, thank you!

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/D0M1N13 D0M1N13

    @garyarts Hi Garyarts, how do I install your theme? :( Do i need some apps to do this ? Can you put instruction on how to do it ? Because I am a total noob at this stuff :(

  • http://mycolorscreen.com/garyarts garyarts

    @D0M1N13 now you should just install Themer app from the Google Play and find this theme from the most popular section and easily apply it and you got it:)


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Date Added: Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 1:03 am

TiLED. Clean and fresh setup. Zoom it!
Files (wall, uccw skins):


(battery circle mod to show the level, not the rest of juice, because at full charged shown me nothing:-)
Clock widget: 5×2
Tiles: 4×4
They’re needed to be fine tuned (u can see hotspots to fit tiles)
Apex grid 9×7, but it works at others I think. App drawer: swipe up
Must be set: no margins, no dock, overlapping widgets, hide statusbar

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