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Colors of Nature Android Homescreen by bobbydrakes - MyColorscreen
Custom Wallpaper


beautiful homescreens


to build your own
  • bobbydrakes

    The Credit Goes to Altavizta….

  • irasujamang

    beautiful….love the setup…please share the psd files?


    Very nice

  • Halliwel888

    It’s magnificent! Can u share with us how you can make it? I can’t understand where you take that image! When I download the wallpaper it gives me only the last image (the field with the hot-air baloon)

  • bobbydrakes

    “” try dis if it works..

  • Halliwel888

    So they are separate images! I thought it was an unique image! How u put together on the desktop and how u made the bars with “01 messages, 02 phones…etc.”?

  • Volpe92

    Hello could you put a guide with applications and widgets that you used? thanks

  • bobbydrakes

    the text are part of the homescreen/image i used(multiple pictures)… @halliwel888….

    setup 10×6 set it to hide dock. overlap widgets… then u can use desktop visualizer for the icons with transparent png for the icon.. the widgets i used are all in the description.. above.. @volpe92…

  • dimasdanu

    but how to make homescreen liket that? what widget do you use to make many picture at one screen?

  • irasujamang

    please share the psd file? and how do you resize the image to fit the screen?

  • bobbydrakes

    @dimasdanu.. i use photoshop(multiple pictures..)
    @irasujamang. ill send the psd later… the image is exactly fit with s3 only or with 720×1280 screens…

  • irasujamang

    ok…thank you @drakes

  • irasujamang

    i think the image will fit my screen nicely…i’m currently using galaxy nexus…really looking forward for the psd files…

  • bobbydrakes
  • irasujamang

    @drakes thank you so much for the psd file…really appreciated it…thank you once again…

  • bobbydrakes

    np!! glad to help… enjoy..

  • BoniEdwin

    psd files please..

  • bobbydrakes

    i already upload it .. thx

Date Added: Friday, January 4th, 2013 at 8:53 am

Portrait Grid = 10×6, hori-verti= none, manage screens =2, hide icon dock, minimalistic text for the clock and calendar, 2 simi folders(hidden) :), multi live wallpaper(fade effect), hmmm the second screen = scrollable news feed(free)