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  • jmcarlos

    Great! I love it.

  • georgiexe

    @jmcarlos thanks, i really appreciated…

  • Negruslito

    Awesome work.. :D

  • georgiexe

    @flavio thanks!!!!

  • luisdentes

    can you share all these icons please? :)

  • georgiexe

    So you don’t like my theme but you do like the icons!!! Lol jkd man… I didn’t make the icons though. You can get them here: download them as a zip so you don’t need to go one by one.

  • luisdentes

    is impossible to dislike :D the orange and the grey make it fantastic
    thanks :)

  • Choas

    maybe your uzip files are all wrong,I use it and it is white blank

  • georgiexe

    @geekbrain ok thanks for let me know. I will check what happen!

  • luisdentes
Date Added: Friday, January 4th, 2013 at 6:49 am

Donwload the files here:
Setup the apex launcher: portrait grid 10×6; vertical margins to small, and horizontal to none; Manage screens put 2 and home will be the right one; transition effect flip or none; overscroll effect disable; scrolling time 10; wallpaper sinngle no scrolling; indicator off; show notification bar; hide shadows on; hide icon labels on
Hide dock
in advance settings; resize any widget on; overlapping widgets on
1. download the zip
2. place the wallpaper png as your wallpaper
3.In the right screen place the uzip clock on top of the white area…see pictures
4. then place all the icons over the icons attached to the wallpaper and change them to black png
5. go to the left screen and you will need to make a simple calendar widget with a white background and set every words to transparent. place that widget at the left side of the white area, making a big white rectangle
6. now place the uccw widgets over the simple calendar one… this its kind of trick. you will need to move then over by resizing. the weather one go on top an the notifications on the center.
7 then make a simple calendar widget and put it on the botton as you see in the pictures
8 you will need to put a eye in the sky weather widget to get the icon
9 put the icons as you did in step 4
10 and finally put the page jumper over the arrows in each page and change the icon to a blank p[ng
let me know if you have questions