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  • ljanhong

    can u please share the uccw file?

  • lopey986

    i second that on the uccw file

  • jds0912

    Yeah man I want that lock screen!

  • BoniEdwin
  • mranderson724

    Any way you could share the wallpaper? I really like the dark as opposed to the light original one. Thanks!

  • AraHabs

    Is it me or the .uzip files are returning white boxes?

  • BoniEdwin
  • johnrcapps
  • mranderson724

    Thanks a lot!

  • IBM_Kid

    Your lockscreen theme looks great but I am just getting white boxes when I try to import the uzips. They don’t seem to contain anything. Maybe it is something I did wrong but I have tried multiple times. I would really like to use your theme. Could you please check the uzips on your dropbox. Thanks!

  • france


Date Added: Friday, January 4th, 2013 at 9:18 pm

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