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  • llckll


    Can you post step by step instructions on how to achieve?

  • surafelkebede

    step by step would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  • Beany

    Hey, sorry I’ve been meaning to do a step by step. I should have one up in a few days.

  • bobjohnson201

    dude very nice! looking forward to tutorial!

  • Beany

    @llckll @surafelkebede @bobjohnson201 Step by Step has been added.

  • Beany

    The Step by Step feature wasn’t working correctly so I’ve thrown it all into the description.

Date Added: Friday, January 4th, 2013 at 3:49 am

1) Using ‘MultiPicture Live Wallpaper’ set the images (provided above) as Screen 1 and Screen 2 respectively.
2) Set the second image (the plain gradient) as the lock-screen.
3)Set the Transition type to ‘Wipe’. You’re now done with ‘MultiPicture Live Wallpaper’ although you can play around with memory usage.
4) Set Apex Launcher to an 8×5 grid and the margins to medium. You only want two homescreens.
5) Make sure ‘alpha effect’, ‘show wallpaper’ and ‘hide shadows’ are set; and that wallpaper mode is ‘scrolling’.
6) Disable ‘elastic scrolling’, the ‘overscroll effect’ and the dock.
7) Make sure you’ve selected ‘MultiPicture…’ as your live wallpaper.
8) Everything should now be functioning correctly.
9) Using Desktop Visualizer create widgets for dialer, contacts etc
10) From here it’s down to you. You’ll need to use UCCW to create more widgets.
11) Download an icon pack of your choosing and create a the following Apex actions: Screen 1 and Screen 2 (the arrows) and apps.
12) Using UCCW is the hardest part. Although it should help to know that you’ll need two 4×3 widgets that you can scale to fit perfectly.
13) In my case they were Google and Media although yours can be anything.
14) Use hotspots to create buttons for the appropriate apps.
15) Lastly I’ve provided the .psd file so that you can replace the apps I chose with your own. Treat the file as a template. Good Luck!