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  • mdjurov

    I love dark and ICS blue.Very nice!1 vote.

  • rozky43

    any instructions how to do this please?

  • chromium

    @rozky43 click on the link on the side of the screen that says “wallpaper”. you will get a zip file that contains the wallpaper(jpeg), psd, icons and fonts. The jpeg is 480 x 800 (which was what fit my phone, but may not fit yours). You may use the psd to resize it necessarily to your phones screen size. I used a 7×7 grid in apex. Then i created 3 uccw widgets (5×2 each). For the first one, use the font Helevetica thin and add day of the week, day of the month, battery level, and month. Then for the second widget use the steelfish font and just add hour and minute. For the third one using Helvetica thin again add missed calls, temperature, texts, and weather condition. Finally add the shortcuts and change the icons to the ones i have provided. (i only made phone, text, browser, app drawer and email.

  • darkgravity


    This is Patrick Cabral of . While I am flattered that you were inspired by my work, I am asking you to take this down because this is a design that was paid for by a client. It would have been ok if you tried to recreate the element on your own and not just copy and pasted my elements.


  • supertx2

    Can you share de uccw widgets plz?

  • Choas

    can you make a higher resolution wallpaper?since im using the GN

  • androto

    good work

  • JordanGray_

    What launcher is that you are using?

Date Added: Saturday, January 5th, 2013 at 4:58 am

Zoom for a better view.
The wallpaper link on the right includes the wallpaper, psd., icons, and the fonts for the uccw widgets that you need to make.

This was greatly inspired by what I saw on Dribble here: