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Screen Of the Day on 01/07/2013
  • lkim802

    can you please share the wallpaper and the files for this? thanks!

  • MMME

    :) The files will be uploaded soon and furthermore the tutorial will be with it!

  • khanhbabykid

    Love it :D im waiting for the tutorial :D

  • neroinlove

    Awesome. Can’t wait tutorial :)

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 01/07/13

  • ctpan23

    So nice , waiting for the files and tutorial ..Keep up !

  • drzeeshansajjad

    i tried some screens from this website but wallpaper quality is too bad.. any suggestion? im using galxynote.
    between this is also good… specially Map part.

  • TAEL

    Impatiently waiting for files and tutorials.

  • MMME

    @Peachanan wow.. thank you..

  • davidk

    very beautiful! do you mind tellin us where to find the icons?

  • MMME

    I took these icons from oemstyla’s beautiful work. But the original is by nikk i think..

  • davidk


  • bobbydrakes

    psd file??

  • jelli

    I can’t wait tut and files.

  • nikk

    Awesome stuff! :)

  • jmcarlos

    Great work, love it!

  • Criminal90

    Please share the file this homescreen is awesome ;)

  • rrohanjs

    eagerly waiting for the files

  • keytomake

    excellent work with the colorcombination! :)

  • ganeshggs

    Please upload the files!! Thanks :)

  • MMME

    @all Sorry! i uploaded the files now! i was really busy for my math assignment,,

  • ganeshggs

    Thanks a lot!! :)

  • SITO

    Oh my god beatiful

    But is to difficult :-(

  • MMME

    Too sad the tutorial is not enough for you…well..marco from mycolorscreen who uploads tutorials of screens just contacted me, so when his video tutorial is uploaded, it will be much easier tutorial for you :-)

  • papa54

    I feel like a duck outta water presently..I was looking over ev thing galaxy s3 android and some how landed here. But I have decided to stick around and see if the screens of the day are theme, rom, or what. I am lost in a new world.I did follow a galaxy 3 url to this point. and i am hoping i can grab that purpleish screen. I get tired of blues silvers blacks and transparents that arent what their cracked up to be.If this is a Tablet forum, perhaps i may become a tablet man . i hope i have not entered a private sanctum.

  • davidk

    usually the themes presented here are a mixture of wallpaper & some apps – as it also is in this example. Though, usually you need a custom launcher because you won’t be able to change the grid size of your homescreen. However, u dont necessarily need a custom rom for this.

  • elsypher

    i gotta get a nexus 4 device

Date Added: Saturday, January 5th, 2013 at 4:04 pm

My First work on mycolorscreen.
thanks for big inspiration, Google Now.

weather card structure Inspired from nikk’s dot & circles

app icons from oemstyla