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  • bgechka9

    can u give us your setup please?

  • oemstyla

    @bgechka9 what do you need ?! ;)

  • Merong

    @oemstyla Simple and sweet. Do you mind sharing icons and possible uccw files? This is so clean.

  • oemstyla

    Icons are part of the wallpaper :-)

  • samaka

    @oemstyla can you upload psd file?

  • albertomty92

    this is so clean a minimalistic, can you please share the wallpapers please? very nice job indeed

  • alexander_jm28

    Can you please share the PSD file and UCCW files?

  • prim3

    Where can i get the wallpaper with the whatsapp icon in it?

Date Added: Saturday, January 5th, 2013 at 8:17 pm

please zoom :)

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