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Date Added: Saturday, January 5th, 2013 at 12:49 am

My 1st attempt using UCCW… Inspired by .. Modern UI –


  1. 1. Apex Launcher 9x5 grid. Set dock as overlay. Hide notification bar
  2. 2. Add UCCW widgets of 5x2 clock with battery level indicator
  3. 3. Weather - 1weather widget
  4. 4. UCCW 5x1 Widgets for SMS & Inernet
  5. 5. UCCW 1X1 widgets for radio , music etc...
  6. 6. Icons - Square glass Jellybean from blackbearblanc
  • maazer

    Great work!!!

  • aramico

    @Maazer… Thanks..

  • rayford

    I’m really digging the work here! I don’t suppose you can upload the .uccw skins, so I can try this on my GNex, can you?

  • aramico

    @ Rayford… Here is the link of UCCW (uzip)… Please extract it & copy the same to UCCW output folder on your sdcard. Then import the UZIP files from UCCW.