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  • maazer

    Great work!!!

  • aramico

    @Maazer… Thanks..

  • rayford

    I’m really digging the work here! I don’t suppose you can upload the .uccw skins, so I can try this on my GNex, can you?

  • aramico

    @ Rayford… Here is the link of UCCW (uzip)… Please extract it & copy the same to UCCW output folder on your sdcard. Then import the UZIP files from UCCW.


  1. 1. Apex Launcher 9x5 grid. Set dock as overlay. Hide notification bar
  2. 2. Add UCCW widgets of 5x2 clock with battery level indicator
  3. 3. Weather - 1weather widget
  4. 4. UCCW 5x1 Widgets for SMS & Inernet
  5. 5. UCCW 1X1 widgets for radio , music etc...
  6. 6. Icons - Square glass Jellybean from blackbearblanc
Date Added: Saturday, January 5th, 2013 at 12:49 am

My 1st attempt using UCCW… Inspired by .. Modern UI –