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to build your own
Date Added: Sunday, January 6th, 2013 at 4:26 am

Used only icon pack and uccw
.Fairly simple setup…


  1. 1. install apex launcher.
  2. 3. download the links provided in the comments.
  3. 4. set the 2x2 uccw and resize accordingly in their positions.
  • mebebe

    what icon u using?

  • mebebe

    can u share that skin uccw?

  • chaitanya

    Yeah sure… I will upload the link in the description!

  • chaitanya

    Uccw and wallpaper link –

  • chaitanya
  • daily_driver

    Simply clean! (^_^)

  • michlivesforseed

    Grid size??? best homescreen… love it…

  • lkim802

    Wat font r u using

  • chaitanya