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Screen Of the Day on 01/08/2013
  • PaulChiang

    well done

  • yihaomizhijia

    @PaulChiang Thank you.

  • garyarts

    If my tablet ran android I would use a screen like this:-)

  • yihaomizhijia

    @garyarts Thank you:)

  • titans10

    super clean

  • yihaomizhijia

    @titans10 Thank you:)

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 01/08/13

  • sandy105

    a tutorial please ,for this theme .

  • AT428HK


  • yihaomizhijia

    @Peachanan Thank you very much!

  • yihaomizhijia

    @AT428HK 谢谢!

  • yihaomizhijia

    @sandy105 My English is not good, I hope you understand what I said :)

    1.Set wallpaper.Pages———-current background——–Add an image——-Find wallpaper

    2.Set SSLauncher shortcut (dynamic data), Time & battery & free memory

    3.Set SSLauncher shortcut (icon)

    4.Set SSLauncher shortcut (icon), link SiMi Folder. Placed inside your games.

  • djkinetic

    Any chance we could get the PSD, love the layout but I dont use some of the shortcuts that you have on the wallpaper, would be much appreciated.

  • ivica555

    wow, dude love it :D

  • deluxe24

    @yihaomizhijia why didn’t the wallpaper fit my screen? I have a nexus 7 how did you do it.

  • yihaomizhijia

    @ivica555 Thank you:)

  • yihaomizhijia

    1. Install SSLauncher.

    2. Cancel the status bar and retain CM10.1 virtual keys.

    3.Set wallpaper.Pages—- current background — Add an image — Find wallpaper

  • ljanhong

    Video tutorial please?

  • djkinetic

    PSD Please?

  • bobjohnson201

    i dont have a tablet but still loved this anyway :D

  • yihaomizhijia

    @bobjohnson201 Thank you:)

  • veeman

    Very nice! I like it.

  • yihaomizhijia

    @veeman Thank you:)

  • upgealot


  • yihaomizhijia

    @upgealot 如果你找到喜欢的中文字体,可以这么做

  • techytarun


Date Added: Sunday, January 6th, 2013 at 6:40 pm

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