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  • BigBoss

    Well hello there!

  • DjayEnvy1122

    give me the wallpaper

  • Inforc3r
  • Vitalyze

    How did you change the color of your nav bar? Is that a feature of Apex Launcher Pro or Rom you’re using? I’m a nova user and am trying to figure out ways to customize the nav bar.

  • jdlh72

    Hola…… Nose como usar estas pantallas…. ayuda…

  • Inforc3r

    Vitalyze its a feature of the Custom Rom i use. The Rom is called “AOKP”

Date Added: Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 12:39 am

Nothing fency. My Nexus 7 Homescreen. For Infos ask and i will answer.