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  • wolo93

    Awesome ! :D

  • f3D

    @wolo93 thanks!

  • qoldenqhost

    wall pack please :D

  • highrup

    word ! ^

  • f3D

    Hope you enjoy, guys
    Walls –

  • xSwatQCx

    is it possible to upload it somewhere else cause i cant download it from that russian website . thanks

  • f3D
  • MSDesign

    Badass set up!

  • sikarl

    how is this done? please help..

  • f3D

    @sikarl it’s “launcher 8″ tiles.
    Add app’s tile> edit tile>select size 4×1>select picture from sd card> set icon position -extrude> done. hope, you can get it.
    sorry for my english :)

  • sikarl

    Thanks! I really like this, I managed to get it to work the way you have it set up, I’m using other photos though, did you do anything to modify the app list that WP8 has on the right side if you scroll?

  • f3D

    app list? no, just set android style in settings

Date Added: Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 3:46 pm

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