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  • mihir

    hi can you please tell me what icon pack have you used?

  • dirtygoldfish

    @mihir — Of course. I used the “round-white” icons from

  • some1one

    Very nice set up, can you please share wallpaper if you don’t mind :)

  • dirtygoldfish

    @some1one — Yup, I just uploaded it!

  • skully0815

    Lovely setup. Trying to do this on Nexus 4 with Apex launcher. But somehow can’t get the grid set up correctly. I love this theme, so I will keep trying a bit harder to figure everything out :)

  • dirtygoldfish

    @skully0815 — Thank you! :) I’m using a 7 x 5 grid here, with no margins for both height and width. Hope that helps, I know the Min Text widgets were a bit iffy to get set up.

  • skully0815

    @dirtygoldfish – I managed to get it last night. I was having trouble with the wallpaper, it’s a bit strange in Android. Figured for Nexus 4 it has to be increased in width to 770px for the home screen, and added some 385px (770/2) on each side. That made it fit perfectly. Oh, and I forgot to hide dock with 7×5 grid, so that messed it up for some time.

    I got rid of the icons in the wallpaper and instead used icons for my apps (icon pack: SMPL White Theme Go/Nova/Apex).

    For weather I started off with BeWeather Free, but may get the Pro version to be able to choose other Icon Packs. Couldn’t quite get it done with UCCW (perhaps just since I do not have much experience yet) or Eye in Sky just right.

    For the Agenda, instead of Android Pro Widgets I went with Simple Calendar Widget which is free, and enabled me to have a list of upcoming calendar entries instead of just one.

    Still: Absolutely lovely theme! Now I need to think about a suitable lock screen :)

    Great work!

  • dirtygoldfish

    @skully0815 — Glad you got it figured out! If you’re really set on using Eye in the Sky, try turning on resize all widgets in your launcher settings, that’s how I got my 1×1 widget to fit properly. And the APW widget is scrollable (thank god lol). Thanks again, and good luck on your lockscreen!

Date Added: Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 at 4:55 am

I wanted to try a colourful single-screen setup, so this is my attempt at that.
Running Slim Bean 3.1 and Lean Kernel 4.7 exp 2.