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  • ahlex

    Nice, simple theme, but yet amazing looking and clean.
    mind sharing the wall and uccw uzips?

  • drunknmunky812

    Very nice again!

  • sasa408

    Thank you for the compliment, I added a download link to all files in the description , enjoy! :^)

  • sasa408

    Thank you very much! :^)

  • mrajaganesh

    what about battery life ?

  • sasa408

    What do you mean? I don’t need to have that displayed on my home screen.

  • geekryderz

    can you post a tutorial for this.. Im really digging your work and this theme is a must have…

  • sasa408

    This is made for a Galaxy Note 1. If you have the same phone then just follow the Apex settings I posted in the description. If you are not on the same phone the you will need to reside the wallpaper to fit your phone correctly.

  • ahkia

    I became yr perm fans!! Hope you upgrade to note 2 soon :p

  • oemstyla

    Nice as usual ;)

  • erguillermin

    I like, very very NICE!!!!

  • sasa408

    Thanks! For now i’m happy with the note 1. I actually prefer the the size better.

  • sasa408

    Thank you!!

  • sasa408

    Thank you!!

  • hairy9802

    edit a little from yours..thanks for sharing

  • soulysephiroth

    Any chance you could upload the PSD?

  • sasa408
  • soulysephiroth


  • soulysephiroth

    Here’s what I did with your theme, thanks for posting it:

  • sasa408

    Looks good, i like it!

  • rayford

    @sasa408 What font did you use when creating the Social/Navi/Games widgets? I’m looking to tweak it a bit, and would love to create something similar. :)

  • sasa408
  • rayford

    @sasa408 Score! Thank you much!

  • kfarris

    Can someone tell me how to either disable drag and drop delete or get around it so I can place my icons at the top of the screen? When dragging icons, the “X Remove” label appears and blocks the top middle, so that I can’t put Icons there

  • sasa408

    Place your folder one row bellow. Then use another folder to push it to place.

  • http:[email protected] dyy

    would you mind to share plain wallpaper? (without the transparent bars)

Date Added: Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 at 5:17 am

Galaxy Note
Zoom In!!

Apex Launcher: Portrait only, 9×8, no margins, no dock, single screen nonscrolling.

Blue Files: