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Screen Of the Day on 01/10/2013
  • Soarer

    share widgetlocker theme and wall please?

  • Sefer979

    Very nice, I’ve gotta try out Minimal Reader.

  • laroyalexander

    @Soarer Wall added! The center is just a basic UCCW, and the lock is just a center tap with a transparent PNG. :)

  • laroyalexander

    @Sefer979 One of the apps I’m really glad I payed for! Especially at 99c.

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 01/10/13

  • knetbernales

    Good work pal!! it looks exactly with the real ubuntu ui !!

  • AT428HK

    Best Ubuntu UI inspired screen!

  • MarcoJHB

    Wow, I’m impressed!

  • charlie81

    How can I get my phone exactly like this

  • sideswipe

    is there a psd floating around for the welcome screen?

  • Rasa13

    damn, soo nice.

  • ivica555

    you are using Ubuntu

  • bestnabil55

    can you add the links for everything needed….all wallpapers and the uccw wudget nd that search widget on top of the screens…:D thanks

  • MarcoJHB

    I love this theme! Can’t get over how spot on it is…

  • Jabrnet

    I’m still new to this level of customization and would love to see a Youtube walkthrough of setting up this homescreen set-up!

  • laroyalexander

    @sideswipe They posted a PNG on the site, my PSD will be posted up when Marco is done with the video tutorial!

  • laroyalexander

    @Jabrnet Soon!

  • laroyalexander

    @bestnabil55 All files will be posted, along with a video tutorial soon!

  • emans

    Thank you! Your theme is amazing! Good work!

  • alextph

    @laroyalexander Can’t wait ><

  • itouchfiendsdtotcom

    Here is a video on this theme

  • CJET13

    This definitely needs a tutorial! Can’t wait to see this on my phone :)

  • MarcoJHB

    I’ll post the tutorial tomorrow, sorry everyone got super busy at work :( but don’t worry I’ll go through this one step by step!

  • charlie81

    missing home wallpaper from files

  • laroyalexander

    @charlie81 No files short of the lock wall have been posted yet

  • charlie81

    its on youtube video

  • MarcoJHB

    You can now view the video tutorial for this screen here:
    Also includes all the files you need (PSDs,icons,wallpapers,etc)

  • hadi007

    Hey can you please resize the wall to fit GNEX because i dont know how to edit pics. Plzplzplz. Btw i love the screen allllooottt

  • ionolinuxnoparty

    Very good i love this home
    (Ubuntu 4 ever!!!!!)

  • Wicked4u2c

    I love Ubuntu themes, here is my theme also inspired by Ubuntu phone –

  • Bigwavedave25

    @laroyalexander – Sorry if I missed this somewhere in the tutorial or elsewhere… what FONT are you using in your PSD file? I currently do not have whatever it is and wanted to load it for vector use. Thanks!

    Edit: I’m an idiot… font is Ubuntu Lite :facepalm:

  • laroyalexander

    @Bigwavedave25 it’s okay! Sorry I didn’t include it. Haha. Glad ya found it

  • BigJonMoo73

    This is the home screen that I currently have on my GN2 and I absolutely love it! Amazing tutorial by @MarcoJHB. I think I am going to stick with this one for awhile. Super excited for the next home screen change I make!

  • C_Cedilla
  • AxiooIndonesia


  • uhh186

    Dropbox files were removed? Why? I was really looking forward to setting this up…

  • sakafley

    yea the dropbox files are removed :( .. please put them back up

  • kaeOzZ

    replace the files please :c

  • Pratik8793

    Dude invalid link please give a proper link

  • naszie24

    Yup.. The dropbox link is invalid,i try couple of times.. Hoping u give proper link.. Btw,ur setup is amazing =)

  • e_peres

    had some trouble with the dropbox link… IT’s not valid


Date Added: Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 at 10:55 am

Ubuntu for phones hasn’t come soon enough, so I made this.

Sidebar icon resources from:



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