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  • Chulo46

    como lo inslalo pasos y uzip porfavor

  • mey

    Simply amazing <3:)

  • AT428HK

    another awesome tiles screen by you!

  • semati

    @mey @AT428HK Thanks a lot !!!

  • semati

    @Chulo46 i will upload files and the tutorial tomorrow.


  • lyumibov


  • panyongs73

    love the textures and colors! One of the best screen!

  • semati
  • panyongs73

    Hey semati, 1.uzip file error?

  • semati
  • bhutoria_1989

    @semati Great Screen Bro. Can you please tell me the Icons used in the tiles so that I may mod it as per requirement. Thanks.

  • semati
  • jojo54696

    ok i am completely new to this and am getting very frustrated.

    I can’t seem to get the wallpaper to set without the bottom cutting off.

    And how to you make it open apps just by clicking on that spot on the background with no icon, DV gives no option.

    I am really confused about how to set this up properly, please help me.

  • Hey_Eddie

    So im a complete noobie here. Few Questions to ask:
    1.How did you manage to get desktop visualizer to work because when I tried using it, it said I needed to get the icon (which i did), but the icon wasn’t transparent. On my phone, it had a black background, and its became really annoying, since I was planning to use one of those tabs as a application drawer.
    2.What is the image size for those icons?

  • jojo54696

    so how do you make the icons transparent so you can just click the background?

    I have a galaxy nexus so the softkeys cut off the background at the bottom no matter what i try. How do i fix this?

  • bhutoria_1989

    @semati Thanks Bro. This is how I arranged on my Nexus 7.

  • amba

    @semati I cant have it perfectly shown on my nexus 4… was showing ok on my S3 before. now the bottom is gone…could you please help to fix it? thank you!

  • tinapay16

    can’t download wallpaper :(

  • semati
  • tinapay16

    ok thanks :)

  • http:[email protected] devsfan55

    Beautiful theme! <3 Norge <3

Date Added: Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 4:07 pm

Nova Launcher Prime
Desktop Visualizer

Nova settings:
Grid size: 8×9
Hide dock, no margins
Resize all widgets (checked)
Widget overlap (checked)
Owerlap when placing (checked)
1 Home screen
Alesund 1: 5×1 (weather)
Alesund 2: 2×2 (clock)
Alesund 3: 5×1 (notifications)