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  • sasa408

    Looks good!

  • hairy9802

    it really is..thanks to u~~

  • soulysephiroth

    Can you tell me what you did to resize the wall paper correctly? I have the same screen res that the one x does.

  • hairy9802

    download wallpaper wizardrii from play store..choose your wallpaper from gallery then set as wallpaper through wallpaper set stretch potrait..voila


    can you Share uccw skin.


    i can download uccw skin.

  • soulysephiroth

    Thanks for the info, I just took the psd posted in the main thread and did some resizing and changed the wall paper.

Date Added: Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 4:40 pm

taken from @sasa408

HTC One X Running IceColdJelly 4.2.1

Apex Launcher: Portrait only, 9×8, no margins, no dock, single screen non scrolling.